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Quality is not an act.
It's a habit.

As Aristotle puts it, quality is not an act, it's a habit. At WITSTO, the relentless pursuit of quality has become one of our traditions.

With the deep belief that the smallest component can make a difference, we've been upholding the highest manufacturing standards by:

  • • Sourcing the best raw materials
  • • Carrying out quality control in each step
  • • Inspecting & testing every finished product

Certified by

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Outstanding Performance

Our heating elements outperform others thanks
to our quality production.

  • s05 pic1 High Heat Transfer Efficiency

    Premium materials from temperature-resistant stainless steel, pure MgO powder to Nickel-Chrome resistance wire come together to ensure that heat is transferred with minimum escape, thus saving heating time & electric cost.

  • s05 pic2 Uniform Heat Distribution

    Our sophisticated machine fills MgO powder evenly into the heating tube as long as 6 meters. This ensures uniform heat distribution without overheating any part of the tube, which improves the life of your heating element.

  • s05 pic3 8000-Hour Lifetime

    Best raw materials combined with quality production give our heating elements a long lifetime. Every product is tested to see if it can last for 8000-hour, freeing you from changing a broken component frequently.

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Explore our Expertise

Count on our Expertise

With WITSTO, you don't need to be an expert because we have every expertise you need.

Our experienced engineers, who master numerous techniques & keep in step with the latest Tech trends, will guide you from concept, engineering to completion.

Dozen years of manufacturing experience combined with the state-of-the-art equipment give us the flexibility to produce for large industry and small business alike.

You're in Good Company

For years, we've provided personalized heat solutions for business in
transportation, home appliance, machinery, chemical, medical industries & more.

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